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Have Fun & Get Fit in Our Basketball Camps & Clinics

Become a skilled player by participating in basketball camps hosted by Clutch Sports Performance. We provide youth in all five of the New York City boroughs with comprehensive fitness training. From basketball camps to tournaments, we show you how to become a better b-ball player.

Clutch Sports Performance Basketball Training Camp 

Clutch Sports Performance offering coed basketball training. This program is intended for ages 8-18, and is recommended for kids who are serious about playing basketball at all levels. Instructions will be provided by Clutch Sports Performance coaching staff.

Coaches will analyze and develop campers skills as they design and develop games. Clutch Sports Performance will improve your technical skills, and teach the latest scientific training methods. Our goal is to make each camper leave with added knowledge in her or her ability, & to accomplish the fundamentals, necessary to improve performance at basketball games. Campers will be schooled in all aspects of individual, offensive, and defensive basketball during teaching sessions.

The sessions will cover: 

• Shooting • Ball Handling

• Man-2-man defense 

• 1- 3 -1 defense 

• Passing 

• Screening


 Each camper will receive loads of experience as they go through various drills and teaching of the proper techniques of the game of Basketball.

Work on Your Shots in our Basketball Camps

Shooting Clinic
July - 2018 Learn the proper shooting techniques needed to develop into a successful basketball player.
• The fundamentally correct way to shoot a basketball • Master Specific Shots • Techniques you must do to release the ball at the correct time • Shooting off the catch • Shooting off the dribble • Proper Hand positioning to create consistency and accuracy • Building proper shooting techniques • Improving your Jump shot • The best way to shoot a free throw • How to shoot quicker • Proper body condition for shooting from each position • Learn how to properly execute the sweep & step-through to create space from your defenders to shoot

Does your son or daughter love basketball? Clutch Sports Performance helps him or her become a better player by participating in our basketball camps. We teach the latest techniques so that your child can be both an offensive and defensive player.

Speed & Agility Clinic July 2018

Discover how you can simultaneously speed, strength, power, agility, and flexibility in our camp. During our camp training you'll learn exactly how to instantly become more explosive, get a quicker fresh step, & increase athleticism!
Not only will you be faster in all those areas, college coaches for the 40-yard dashes, shuffle runs & more... But you'll also develop speed and quickness that will translate to more on field success immediately! No more wasting time on pointless drills and ineffective exercise that are at best, useless - and often dangerous. Wouldn't it be great to stand out above the competition?

We will provide fundamentals of speed and agility training so athletes can  improve their linear, lateral& multi-directional movement on the field or court, and improve their overall athletic ability. Athletes will leave with skills and knowledge of all the drills and why they are being performed.

Program Covers


Max Velocity

Speed Endurance

Lateral Speed & Agility 

And Much More..

Date: July 2018

Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Ages: 8- 18


Ball Handling Clinic July 2018 You'll will Become Aggressiveand score Create pace and seperation from defender Reduce turnovers and handle any game situation Become a better Dribbler, passer and decision maker

Training Has Its Benefits

The level of quality training and coaching we offer in our camps, clinics, and events improve your overall basketball skills. For example, you learn how to make better transitions from defense to offense. That way, if the other team turns the ball over, you can quickly transition to offense and get ready to score. Additionally, our training teaches you how to:

• Stay in Front of Your Man & Shoot Lights out Even When You’re Fatigued
• Perfect Your Footwork for Smothering Defense
• Dominate on the Fast-Break & Knocking Down Jumpers as Smooth as Butter
• Work on Coming off Screens & Shooting Coaches Love Players Who Know How to Use the Screens
• Use Advanced Footwork Defense Drills to Really Turn You into a Feared Defender
• Get Your Rebounding Right, & Become Dominant on Offensive & Defensive Boards
• Work on Your Passing & Looking for the Open Man…So You Can Be Ready to Pick up Assists
• Bring out Your Killer Instinct to Score, Not Fearing Any Kind of Defender in Front of You
• Develop the “Sikma” Post Move & Other Killer Moves in the Post…It Doesn’t Matter Whether You’re a Guard or a Center, Better Post Moves  Means Easier Baskets


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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